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Do you own land that you would like to see remain free from development
-- for your lifetime and for future generations? Doing nothing to protect it may
doom your land to development.
Why? Estate taxes are one reason. Federal taxes can be as high as 50% of a
property's fair market value, virtually forcing heirs to sell it. And, of course, future
owners may be compelled by ever-increasing property values, or simply by a
lack of appreciation for the land, to sell it for development.
Land trusts are experts at helping landowners find ways to protect their
What Are Your Options?
Donate a Conservation Easement
A conservation easement is a legal agreement between you and a land
trust or government agency that permanently protects the land while
you continue to own it. Donating the easement can result in reduced
income tax and estate tax.
Donate Your Land
Donating land to a land trust is a wonderful way to share its beauty with
future generations. The donation can even be set up in a way that
allows you to continue to live on the land or to receive a life income.
Complete a Bargain Sale of Land
Selling your land to a land trust at less than its fair market value can
provide tax benefits to you and make it affordable for the land trust.

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