Forests are an integral resource to our planet and important in a number of ways.  Forests are a key factor for earth’s atmosphere and the oxygen that we breathe. Forests are watersheds and support biodiversity and ecosystems. We are discovering medical properties in forests and plants to address disease as well as enhance health.

Economic development is a factor of healthy forests, providing materials for products, and supporting tourism and employment.  Globally forests are struggling and disappearing due to many factors including land fragmentation, industry, development, deforestation and degradation.

These impact watersheds and the water cycle, affect soil quality and erosion, reduce biodiversity, and affect climate.  Forests are a beautiful and crucial part of our lives, let’s protect them, we can use our forests wisely and enjoy them long into the future.

Forest Videos

The following YouTube videos are related to U.S. forests and were produced by various organizations and artists.

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Four Forest Restoration Initiative, a national model of collaboration

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