Mission and Vision

The White Mountains Land Trust/Alliance is a nonprofit land trust organization whose overarching goal is to foster a balance between growth and meaningful natural resources and wildlife conservation and protection. The Trust works to achieve long-term conservation of landscapes and natural areas working with others to conduct meaningful conservation and planning activities for natural resources long term well-being, conservation of wildlife and habitat, and growth.

The White Mountains Land Trust will conserve and steward in perpetuity natural areas, including open spaces, riparian zones, and wildlife habitat to enhance and improve the quality of life for all who enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the White Mountains.

Quality of life, healthy and dynamic communities, vibrant economies, and conservation go hand in hand.  Conservation is a key economic driver and impacts growth and long term viability. Our vision is for regional communities to understand and support the conservation of key urban and non-urban open spaces, trail networks, natural areas, and wildlife habitat through a balanced integration of growth and conservation.

We envision key private lands that provide important wildlife habitat characteristics be conserved for future generations.  We have a long-term vision that includes vibrant communities that offer a high quality of life due to the natural amenities conserved within. We envision a network of natural areas, recreational trails, and protected lands to connect people with nature.

Working together we can build our region, plan wisely, and conserve our natural resources – the resources that provide us with quality of life and economic viability.  We can make smart decisions together, decisions we can appreciate over time, and long term plans we can respect and support.  We can keep our landscapes natural and healthy through careful planning, wise stewardship, and conservation values.   We invite you to join the adventure and support wise growth and conservation!